How to Get Unbanned on Fantage!

It ALWAYS sucks to get banned on Fantage. Especially if you want to see a friend, or if you have something important to do. But even if you have nothing important or you don’t want to see anyone, it still sucks to be banned on Fantage. But I can get you unbanned! Read these step-by-step instructions and you will POSSIBLY be unbanned!

NOTE: Fantage Inc. goes through thousands of emails a day, so your email MIGHT not be seen! So please, don’t type in caps in the comments saying that it didn’t work, please, I beg! Now you may continue reading 🙂

-Go to

-Scroll down as much as possible.

-Click ‘Contact Us’

-Go to ‘General Questions’

-Type in your User ID in the appropriate slot

-Type in your E-mail in the appropriate slot

-Your title should read “I was hacked, please unban me!”

-Your message should read “I was banned, but it wasn’t me who said a bad word! I was hacked, and I should be unbanned me! I wouldn’t say anything like that, I’m telling you, it was not me! Please unban me!

-Submit your message.


Lol, I tried to make this sound professional, you know when I said “in the appropriate slot” lol, I’m so corny! I really hope I helped, it might take you at least a few hours, if not, less than a day. Remember, they go through THOUSANDS of e-mails a day, they might not get to you!

Hope I helped!


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